Inspired by the abundance of nature and wildlife that lies at the heart of Mosney, Mosney Mill as a brand was launched in October 2016 by artist Emma Sutton with the continuous love and support of her family.

The Mosney Mill products feature characters illustrated by Emma,

Emma picked up her pencils and began to draw animals from the gorgeous scenery she was immersed in. A range of whimsical animals began to emerge, each with a story and a special place on the familys 11 acres of Lancashire countryside.

Sitting at a desk in her studio, which overlooks the land at Mosney, she can watch deer, dozens of varieties of birds, butterflies, the odd bunny and a variety of other wildlife. She has coined names for many of them and brought them to life through her illustrations printed onto different ranges of fabrics, wall coverings, bone china, stationery and kitchenware.

Theres Mosney Bob, a little robin who follows Emma around the land and twitters to her from a tree each morning at the chicken coop. Theres also Reg the pheasant, other birds and, butterflies and wildlife that call Mosney home and a range featuring Mosney Roe deer, inspired by that very first encounter.

My business is built around a love of my home. Home at Heart is the sense of belonging I got instantly when I first arrived on Mosney and where I gain all my creative inspiration. Mosney Printworks was the birthplace of modern textile printing, and as an artist, it is my dream to revive this rich heritage. Emma Sutton

Mosney Mill Products

Mosney Mill